About Us


Our Passion is to create an  unforgettable experience through our quality of food and service


Boru Ramen and Poke Bar has come out of years of experience in operating, managing, and duplicating multiple restaurant concepts. Our goal is to bring you authentic southern Japanese style ramen in a fast paced and casual environment. 

Quality / We strive to source the highest quality ingredients in every aspects of food. You can taste the difference 

Care / We care about our customers. From warm greetings to checking to see if your order is 100% satisfactory to farewell. We listen and we care.

Value / We understand our customers wants best value for their money. That's why we portioned offering more than what you need. If you want more sauce, simply ask for it. There's no extra charge. The last thing we want our customers to feel is that we are getting more than we give. 

Authenticity / There are many ways to serve ramen. We stick to the southern Japanese style of hearty and rich broth without being too milky, topped off with fresh ingredients.